Climbing the corporate ladder – Oh man, what a sweet phrase! Of course it means hard work, long hours, lots of stress, but the benefits! A membership to the country club, cocktail parties at your children’s private schools, chatting to other parents, luxury living in a very upmarket suburb – these things were always before me as I burnt the midnight oil, missed the children’s birthday parties, flew to meetings in other parts of the country at the drop of a hat….
My company has a policy of annual medicals for executives. As I play a game of golf now and then, even grace the squash court from time to time, I wasn’t particularly worried, until the results of all the assessments came out – my blood pressure was sky high, my cholesterol levels were up, but the doctor’s warning that I could become diabetic if I didn’t clean up my diet, really shook me. My mother was a diabetic, and I certainly didn’t want to go that route.
I told my wife I had to eat only salads in future, and I hit the gym big time for about a week. Man, it was impossible to maintain! There was no way I could function at work on a few lettuce leaves and a glass of water! Then our HR manager, Lebo, came to see me. The staff, she said, had embarked on an eight week challenge to change their lifestyles, and they would really like the execs to follow suit. She showed me the programme – GFIT is the company – and it really looked doable. Firstly, my meal plan would consist of actual food, not just lettuce leaves, and I would be able to get the healthy options in our canteen; in fact, if I wanted to, GFIT could arrange for healthy meals to be delivered to my office! But the best was the exercise programme. Designed for me, it would give me a complete workout for each training day, which I could follow on my phone, rep by rep, with videos to show me each exercise! No more overdoing it and ending up in a heap of sore, stiff muscles, no more wasting time trying to decide what I should do each day – it was all there on my profile, on my phone, and after each workout, I could tick it and say Done!
That was nine weeks ago – I have just had my vitals checked and guess what – my blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol is down and my sugar levels are at a much more acceptable level! During my Skype session with Coach Ashley of GFIT today, I’ll be able to tell him the great news! That’s what makes this programme so good, each person has a coach who advises, motivates and encourages them to continue with the programme, even when it gets really hard, which it inevitably will do at times.
I also have to add that my work has been so much better, I just seem to cope better with the workload, don’t get so tired, and I have so much more energy. The GFIT programme really has made all the difference in my life. I’m now on my second eight weeks – coach Ashley has upgraded my training programme, tweaked a few things in my eating plan, and I’m ready to keep going! What’s more, my family are all eating better and we’re doing a lot more outdoor things together over weekends. A total lifestyle transformation!