GFIT has worked in many companies, of various sizes and demographics.  We have always believed that a company’s biggest asset lies in its human capital, and making sure that your employees and executives are healthy, fit and happy, should be of paramount importance, regardless of your company’s economic status.  For that reason, GFIT offers a variety of corporate packages, to suit the budget of every company, and to ensure that all your employees and executives receive the right input for their particular needs.
If you’re still wondering whether this actually would be of any use to your employees, take a look at these stories, of typical employees that we have worked with in companies just like yours.
1.  Shereen – young, could be middle aged too, struggling with her weight, and displaying related health concerns, relationship issues etc.  How is her productivity affected by all this?
2.  Zweli – hard working, promising executive, very ambitious.  Needs to adjust his lifestyle to ensure that his health is not affected, as stress, cardiovascular illness etc can take its toll in the long run, and could be very costly for the company.
3.  Ben and Dudu – young, hard working, hard living.  They believe themselves to be experts as far as health and fitness goes, and are normally reluctant to participate in wellness programmes.  GFIT offers them something that can only improve their performance and conditioning – both at work and in their chosen sports – sport specific coaching and conditioning!
4.  Lebo – HR Manager, who has to find a programme that will offer everything the employees require to live healthy lifestyles, and at the same time, fit into the company’s budget, space and time constraints, as well as report back to the company on the progress achieved by the various employees.  The GFIT programme is ideal for her and for you!