Believe it or not, I find committing to exercise a challenge. I don’t find it easy, and I certainly don’t go to bed at night at the end of a long week, unable to sleep with excitement, knowing I have to get up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning to hit the trails on my mountain bike.
The truth is, I often wake up to a battle field, an internal war, in which the little devil on my shoulder is telling me to switch my alarm off, roll over, enjoy my cozy bed and get some rest, and that I deserve it. The little angel on the other shoulder is reminding me of the mileage I still need to get in before my stage race in three months, and that it’s good for me! It’s the same battle we all have every day, and the fine line between success and failure comes down to who wins this battle (the little devil and or the little angel).
For me, although the battle is often fierce, the little angel usually wins. The reason is simple, and it comes down to practice and experience. The more often I practice to make the right choice, the more resilience I build up against my little devil (my little angel is now far more buff than my little devil.)

 ). I also know from experience that I have never regretted a workout – exercise always makes me feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. No matter how tired I may feel prior to starting, I know from experience that the tiredness will soon be replaced by greater energy levels and enthusiasm for the day ahead

So, if you don’t always feel like exercising, rest assured, you’re not alone. The best you can do is to keep practicing to make the right choices to build up resilience. Take baby steps and build on them. Be aware of how good you feel and how empowering it is to win over your little devil, and finally, ask for support, (ask your significant other to kick your ass out of bed if necessary) and know that we are always there for you.