Hey Everyone. Progress is a series of small victories and milestones built on top of one another. I’m struck by how often we tend to dismiss these small victories and focus on the negatives-what we still don’t like about ourselves. We really can be our own worst enemies and harshest critics! I’m not sure why this is; perhaps it’s a fear of success and how that may change us that is too uncomfortable-it’s easier to think of ourselves as incapable and some how not good enough, and therefore not have the burden of high expectations. Or is it that we’re afraid of a cynical world that will put us in our place if we dare show any enthusiasm for our own progress-rather, let’s put ourselves down before anyone else does, it’s less painful?

I had a great session with a client the other day, she was focused and committed and achieved personal bests in the weights she lifted on at least two exercises. At the end of the session, I complimented her and congratulated her on a job well done and for making good progress. Her respnse was, ..”Yes, but I’m not happy with the way my arms look.” That is a little bit like being in the middle of your first marathon, and your coach, running with you, saying, well done, you’ve come a long way, keep going, to which you respond ‘yes, but I’m not very happy with my flabby stomach!’ The fact is, to finish that marathon when every muscle aches, and all instincts tell you to stop, you need to draw on every ounce of positive energy you can muster! You need to believe in the impossible, and celebrate every step that brings you closer to your goal-embrace the process and the moment. Any negative self criticism will lead to failure! Well guess what, your transformation journey is no different.

Your wellness journey is a growth process built on a series of small victories and milestones. It’s good to drive yourself and acknowledge that you have further to go, but unless you celebrate the victories at the same time, you’re not really embracing the process, you’re not building on your successes, or opening up any doors for future growth. You’re cerrtainly not going to enjoy the journey very much and the sad reality is, with constant self criticism you will probably sooner or later fail.

So forget about what the world may or may not think of your achievements, be mindful of your own critical attitude towards yourself, practice giving yourself a pat on the back as you celebrate your victories, and remember to have fun!