For a good many of us, time is the biggest obstacle when it comes to preparing for a mountain bike stage race.  You’ve been told that you have to put in the minimum number of hours on the saddle each week if you want to be ready for the grueling challenge ahead.  However, for many of us riders, finding the time for training is very difficult, with work and family commitments.  So unfortunately what we do is, we opt out because we simply can’t meet the traditional weekly time commitment associated with this sort of training, and that is a real pity.

What if I told you that you could shave off several hours a week of on the bike training, and still achieve your fitness goals in preparation for a big stage race?  Well you can!  How?  By having a scientifically formulated off the bike exercise and nutrition plan developed specifically for you.

Off the bike gym/exercise training has for many years been accepted as an essential component to achieving optimal results on the bike, and most if not all professional cyclists do it.  But how many of us do it properly?  GFIT has had 17 years of experience in developing top level sports specific exercise an nutrition programmes for thousands of clients, both online, and at our private facility in Norwood,  and have achieved some amazing results.  By incorporating the latest sports science methods we can help you train smarter, not longer, thereby shaving off those precious hours a week.

I have ridden in many stage races, and I have never put in the traditional weekly hours on my bike, and  I have progressively improved on every race.  So if you are struggling for time but still wanting to do the races, contact us.  We can set you on a plan that will get you to your goals!