Training programs

The content will provide a brief overview of the following wellness related programs:

Strategic Corporate Wellness Management

Wellness Committee Bootcamp


WIP (Women INpowered)

Stress Management and Resilience Building

Financial Wellness

Beyond nicotine – quit smoking

Diversity & Inclusion

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Strategic employee Wellness management

Seta accredited

NQF level 5

38 credits

6 contact days

Level 2 BBBEE

Portfolio support

By the end of this program, successful candidates will be able to:

Create a corporate wellness strategy

Build a team of champions and vendors

Implement your wellness plan

Monitor and evaluate for continuous improvement

Align wellness policy and procedures to organizational vision and objectives

Develop accountability measures

Drive a corporate culture of wellness

Calculate return on investment and provide feedback

Stress management and resilience building

Our program includes:

Vitals© survey – 5 minute online stress survey designed by expert clinicians

One day stress management and resilience building workshops

Report and presentation of common issues and life events of your workforce

Specific learning outcomes and practical take-aways include:

A good understanding of positive and negative stress.

The ability to identify positive and negative stress impacts personally and in the workplace.

The ability to identify personal positive and negative stressors at work and in other situations.

An understanding of why stress is an individual response.

An understanding of the physiology of stress (positive & negative) and how it affects people physically, cognitively, emotionally and behaviourally.

Strategies for dealing with stressors at work and in your personal life.

Understanding and practical experience of some stress reduction exercises.

Understanding of resilience and its importance in maintaining balance

How to build a personal stress management & resilience action plan.

Wellness committee bootcamp

A two day training program aimed at wellness champions to equip them with the relevant strategic knowledge to add value to the wellness committee.

Frequency and content of meetings

The SABPP wellness standard

The purpose of a wellness committee

Scope, objectives, role and functions of the committee

Wellness committee constitution and charter (code of conduct)

Wellness in the South African context – a discussion about existing relevant legislation

The strategic role of the wellness team

Wellness committee structure

Monitoring of wellness policies, procedures and practices

Roles and responsibilities of committee members

  1. Get Out Of Debt Session

A three hour session for those who are sick and tired of being in debt and broke all the time.

  1. Financial Management & Budgeting Masterclass

A full day program which can be run in half a day provided delegates have attended the “get out of debt” session.

  1. Financial Clinic

The aim of the clinic is to provide employers with a financial wellness program that enhances employee engagement and productivity as a result of reducing financial stress. By limiting personal financial distractions in the workplace, your company’s bottom line will be positively impacted

Financial wellness programs

Reduced absenteeism and sick time usage

Reduce financial related stress

Increased retention and employee loyalty

Improved productivity and morale

Minimized the need for salary advances


This is an interactive experiential course which is slow paced to enable implementation and practice.

Mindfulness practice teaches you to respond differently to your current patterns of thinking, feeling & experiencing. It enables you to notice others and the world around you, which leads to deepening of interpersonal relationships.

The program covers:

Becoming aware of the current state of your mind

Exploring basics of mindfulness practice and mindfulness support using sound and breath

Introduction to observer/undercurrent model

Working with difficult thoughts and emotions that are currently present

Becoming aware of how present/grounded you are in your body and self-compassion

Working with distraction

Cultivating an attitude of self-acceptance

Quality living: mindfulness in daily life

Quit smoking with beyond nicotine

What makes the Beyond Nicotine approach different?

It is the BN belief that almost every smoker would secretly like to quit, but the psychological pain of breaking the habit and reframing oneself prevents the making of a firm decision to take control. Essentially a fundamental change of mind is needed to set the process in motion, and this can be achieved if the smoker is given the opportunity of:

  1. soberly assessing the current habit,
  2. revisiting the historical build up to the point where one sees oneself as a smoker,
  3. understanding the required road map to freedom from the addiction
  4. appreciating and desiring the vast benefits of succeeding.

This mind change can be activated within the 90 minute workshops proposed for the programme and by studying the information in our BN kit booklet.

As a next step, it is vitally important to encourage our reframing aspect which we believe will result in the long-term success of the quitter. Within a framework of a supportive employer with a clear message, an ethos of a non-smoking and healthier workplace, our accessible and practical programme will show positive results very quickly.

To demonstrate our confidence in our methods, we are happy to run introductory pilot programmes in your HQ and/or selected clients premises at no charge.

WIP (Women INpowered)

WIP is an extremely simple, easy to learn, yet devastatingly effective self INpowerment system that has been designed specifically for women, to give them the mental and physical ability to make a choice in a threatening situation.

WIP challenges all perceptions about self defence

WIP is not self defense (reaction) which is impossible to learn in a short time

WIP is about INpowerment (action) which you will master in a few sessions

WIP is designed specifically for women

WIP has been co-developed and endorsed by ALISON (

Divertsity and inclusion

Thrive’s diversity and inclusion workshops are intended to help HR professionals facilitate an inclusive environment where staff are sensitive to, have respect for and appreciation of differences in ethnicity,




education and


national origin

sexual orientation


All corporates are in some way a microcosm of the society in which they operate. The need for diversity and inclusion in our country is more important than ever as we grapple with finding a national identity that is inclusive and tolerant. Our workshops help attendees create a workplace environment that celebrates uniqueness and understands and respects differences.

Our approach to Diversity & Inclusion work is highly experiential. Our expert facilitators create a safe environment for people to reflect on themselves and talk about how D&I issues play out in the workplace. The course is structured in such a way as to ensure that we maintain interest and engagement through using different means of communication such as videos, activities, storytelling and industrial theatre.

We address tough discussion points around the use and abuse of power and privilege, spend time understanding
our unconscious biases, and get participants to take personal responsibility for creating the kind of inclusive
and diverse culture that they would like to work in.