Ashley Galliard
Ashley GalliardManaging Director
Wendy McNally
Wendy McNallyDirector

Ashley Galliard is a Wits graduate, qualified teacher, nutrition coach, internationally accredited strength and conditioning specialist, and employee wellness consultant. Ashley has been a dedicated wellness professional and teacher of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle change for over 20 years. His greatest passion is to uplift people’s lives through optimizing their performance. Ashley is the co-owner of GFIT boutique wellness center and consultancy: consulting to companies and individuals on tailored wellness strategies to optimize their health, performance and quality of life.

Through his leadership and hands-on work, GFIT has helped thousands of clients achieve their potential: from companies looking to optimize their EWP strategy to business executives and office staff, to athletes, and those with special needs. Through GFIT, Ashley has successfully project managed over 16 company wellness centers! In 2015, Ashley co-developed an SABPP endorsed and CATHSSETA accredited course in Employee Wellness Management, with partner, Wendy McNally. The course was the first of its kind, and is now offered as an eLearning option. In the same year, he established Thrive Wellness Hub Pty (Ltd) with partner Wendy McNally, specializing in corporate training and skills development. Ashley is the MD of Thrive.

He continues to pursue his passion for teaching by imparting some of his experience and knowledge into the corporate market through Thrive (accredited courses, workshops and articles) to help executives, staff and companies as a whole to perform optimally and Thrive!

Wendy McNally Service excellence forms the foundation of Wendy McNally’s work ethic, thanks to a diverse career beginning with various management positions held in the hospitality industry; and later training in contact centres. A passion for people is the golden thread of all her endeavours, particularly evident when her career moved towards occupationally directed skills development.

Since 2007, Wendy has facilitated learning sessions for more than 3000 adult learners; she has run learning programs ranging from NQF level 1 to 5; and has worked with groups ranging from 2 to 100 people. She has delivered, among others, courses in business management, business administration, contact centre support and management, OD-ETPD, Regulatory Examinations, a wide variety of soft skills specialising in communication skills, and more recently employee wellness management.

Wendy has an incredibly strong background in Education & Training Quality Assurance (ETQA); between 2008 and 2010, she successfully managed the quality assurance of assessments on a high-profile learning intervention comprising more than 2000 learners. She was recently invited to take part in the QCTO Workgroup for the Services SETA where she was involved in the development of a new level 5 Contact Centre Management qualification. In 2013, Wendy began her journey with the Thrive team, driving the SETA accreditation process of the Strategic Corporate Wellness Management program, the first of its kind to be accredited in the country. It is her dream to see the development of a new wellness management qualification on the Occupational Qualifications Framework, and change the landscape of education in wellness in South Africa.