In the gym, as in life, nothing is ever achieved without momentum. Success starts when we build momentum, and snow balls as we push forward and gain momentum. Sometimes the hardest part is the start, and once you’ve made a start it is surprisingly easy to finish!
In the coming weeks we will once again be inspired by amazing success stories as the latest challenge results are revealed and talked about. Chances are, no two stories will be the same – there are many ways to skin a cat, and this community embraces different ideas and methodologies to achieve results in a healthy and safe way.
Amongst the different success stories however, there will be a common denominator:- Each one SHOWED UP! When faced with the decision whether or not to enter the challenge; on days when they least felt like going to the gym; when temptation to eat rubbish was at its highest; when attending a health related event or talk was the last thing they wanted after a tough day at the office, mentally, emotionally, physically, they JUST SHOWED UP.
There will be times of doubt, there will be tough days, times when you feel too far out of your comfort zone. At these times tell yourself over and over again to JUST SHOW UP. Put yourself out there, this will start the momentum you need to succeed. The biggest mistake you can make is waiting to feel motivated or inspired before you take action. Relying on feelings to drive your behaviour, is a recipe for disaster-I for one would seldom exercise if I was relying on feeling pumped up and motivated before each training session. In fact often I’m tired, and the gym is the last place I want to be! But I always show up, I make a start, and I usually finish strong. Just show up, make the start, success will follow.