The gym teaches us not to fear failure, but rather, to embrace it! In a very real sense, the gym encourages us not to avoid failure, but sometimes even to push to failure, and this is the key to success:
  • It makes us physically stronger.It builds mental strength.
  • It teaches us to break through our perceived limitations.
  • It highlights our strengths and areas we need to improve on.
  • It teaches us patience and humility.
  • It teaches us the value of hard work.
  • It grows our self awareness and confidence, and builds our characters.
In the gym, if we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to experience failure from time to time, we have a limited concept of success and what we are really capable of. I think the same is true in everything we do. It seems to me that the most succesful people in life are those that take risks, expose themselves to the possibility of failure, and often do fail, over and over again, only to come back stronger than ever!
Stories of failed business ventures and lost fortunes are common amongst some of the worlds most succesful entrepreneurs on their journeys to making their fortunes. Failure is not the end, but rather, an important check point along a success continuum, designed to prepare you for the next evolution along your journey.
So, if you’ve been training hard and you’re sick, injured, stuck, demotivated, exhausted, or feel you have let yourself down, you have simply reached a check point on your journey. You have reached this point because you have earned the right to, by putting yourself out there – having the courage to open yourself up to failure. Learn all you can from the experience, and move onto the next check point, stronger, wiser and with even more determination!
On a personal level, I have had some epic failures in the gym and on the sports field, resulting in injuries. As frustrating as they have been, I am thankful for these failures because I’ve acquired so much knowledge, wisdom and experience about myself, my clients, injury rehabilitation etc-I have evolved as a trainer, and a person!
Don’t fear failure, it is a major stepping stone towards success! The only ultimate failure is to never expose yourself to the possibility of failure – to never grow! Just keep putting yourself out there!