Life is full of distractions. With technology, social media, deadlines that have to be met or worrying about what you did or said yesterday, we are never really present-in the moment, the here and now!
For me, my daily exercise session is one of a precious few opportunities to be present:-to switch off to the distractions of the world, forget about yesterday and not worry about tomorrow- to get real! This amongst the physical benefits is one of the reasons I feel so good after exercise. Having the opportunity to reconnect with yourself in the moment , is a much under rated benefit of exercise.
So, the next time you exercise, put your mind into neutral. During your warm up, try to clear your mind of all thoughts, and stay in that space. During your session, don’t judge yourself or tell yourself you don’t enjoy this, or you don’t enjoy that, just do it. If you find yourself passing judgement or over thinking, don’t indulge the thoughts, they will pass. Make the most of the time you have with yourself, reconnect, get real! This is where exercise has the power to transform your life.