Employee Wellness Management Accreditation: The 5 pillars of well-being

  • by Ashley
  • Course level: Intermediate


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In this CATHSSETA accredited course in Employee wellness management: The 5 pillars of well-being, you will gain an understanding of healthy nutrition, exercise basics, tobacco cessation and medical self care and acquire skills to implement healthy habits in your own life. To help you, you will be assigned a dedicated coach! You will furthermore and very importantly be able to use these skills to drive healthy behaviours within your organisation. You will be required to demonstrate your skills through assignments in which you will work directly with employees within your organisation. You may also be required to participate in online group support sessions as part of your POE to demonstrate your ability to work and contribute to a team setting.

Our wish for you is that you come out of this course module with a renewed sense of purpose for employee wellness. You will refresh your skills and be equipped with new skills and strategies to apply to your employee wellness programmes. You will furthermore receive valuable templates to use as well as business models and behaviour change strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your role as a wellness leader in your company, for the benefit of your organisation and its people.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will understand and be able to apply healthy nutrition, exercise and stress management techniques to enhance your well-being
  • You will learn the skills of psychological motivation and habit formation to effect behaviour change in your employees and implement innovative, strategic wellness programmes
  • You will receive world class online nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching and learn how to apply coaching principles
  • You will gain access to amazing employee wellness programme tools and resources to enhance your programmes

Topics for this course

21 Lessons10h


Welcome and introduction
Wellness defined15:04
Formative assessment 1 of module 2: Wheel of life.
Formative assessment 2 of module 2. Precision nutrition intake.

Pillar 1: Nutrition

Pillar 2: Exercise

Pillar 3: Stress management and resilience

Pillar 4: Tobacco and substance abuse

Pillar 5: Medical self awareness

Motivating others to implement the 5 pillars

Formative behaviour change activity

Portfolio of Evidence

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • Video and text lessons
  • PDF and Word assessment templates and wellness business development tools
  • Self development tools including online nutrition and exercise coaching
  • Personal stress assessment
  • Assignments attached
  • Quiz questions
  • Research article resources


  • This course comprises of an introduction and 20 lessons to be completed by the learner.
  • In additions, you are required to complete ten formative assignments which will form a part of your portfolio of evidence (POE) towards your CATHSSETA accreditation
  • Assignments don't carry marks but need to be completed in full and submitted online for you to be found competent and move forward to the next lesson
  • In addition you need to demonstrate an understanding of the subject matter to be found competent
  • Instructions for submissions are provided in each assignment
  • The online course is supported by live online group support sessions about which you will be notified
  • This is module 2 of a 3 module course together comprising the full CATHSSETA accreditation in Employee Wellness Management
  • You may complete this as a stand alone course, however, the full accreditation requires you to complete all 3 modules during the course of 1 year.

Target Audience

  • Human resource professionals
  • Employee wellness specialist
  • Wellness champions
  • Wellness committee members
  • Line managers