Sometimes a lifestyle change can be intimidating, making one feel somewhat overwhelmed.
My advice is to take it one step at a time:- The perfect eating plan and exercise routine is only as good as your readiness to comply with it. To change from eating no vegetables to five cups a day, or doing no exercise to hitting the gym for an hour a day six days a week, is a giant step, and one that may be too much to take on from the outset.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, remember, habits form over time, so start with small changes; maybe commit to eating one cup of vegetables per day (if you’re currently eating none) and exercising 15 minutes per day 4 days per week for the first 2 to 4 weeks if you haven’t exercised regularly for years, and slowly build from there. Eventually, small changes become a natural part of your daily routine, and slowly adding to them leads to big changes in the long term and the most amazing transformations.
You’re in this for the long term, don’t feel as though you need to keep pace with others. Find your own rhythm; find a progressive routine and pace with which you feel comfortable and completely confident that you have the ability to succeed at the tasks at hand.
Growing your confidence through small consistent victories and progressions is the key to long term success.