Hey all GFit Followers, my weekly tip is something that has been spoken about quite extensively in the past, but it’s well worth repeating as we approach the weekend.


So often, we sabotage all the hard work done during the week through inactivity on the weekend. ( I say we, because at times, I’m just as guilty as the next guy). We may for example spend most of Sunday lazing in bed or on the couch watching TV, and use the excuse that we were so stressed and our bodies so tired that we just needed the time to rest and unwind. Sound familiar? Here’s the problem:-

When we have nothing to do, we tend to eat out of boredom, not because we’re hungry. And it’s not veggies we look for when we’re curled up in bed or on the couch watching our favourite series or sports team, it’s chocolates, chips, beer, biscuits, sweets etc. We tend to justify this by saying, ‘I’m allowed a cheat day, I have to allow myself the occasional indulgence.’

In reality though what is happening is that we are significantly increasing the quantity of calories we would normally consume, whilst at the same time, reducing calories burned, (by being inactive) and creating a massive calorie surplus from poor quality nutrients, which is a recipe for disaster for anyone trying to lose weight.

When we are active, we don’t think that much about food, we eat to fuel activity, not out of boredom. We feel good physiologically because of the release of endorphins and other hormones, and we are more likely to crave quality nutrients (and the occasional indulgence is not a train smash when you’re active). Psychologically, we become more aware of the good we our doing our bodies, we feel better about ourselves, and are therefore less likely to sabotage our progress by eating rubbish.

Finally, we’re burning more calories and releasing stress!

So, be active on weekends. Do fun things, like playing with the kids, riding your bike, hiking, walking the dogs, playing sport or games, swimming, rowing a boat, dancing. You will not only feel better and enjoy life more, you will also discover the secret to successful long term weight management!